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Angelo moved to Denver in late '89 from the big Apple, New York. He opened his first store at the Tiffany Plaza Mall March 2nd 1990, it was tiny only 1000 square feet. The second store was opened in Littleton November 16th 1991. Since then we've had stores in Longmont, Thornton, and Wheat Ridge. And now 28 years later we have our Aurora, Broadway, and Colfax locations.


We have come a long way since 1990, in fact for the first 15 years we had absolutely no vinyl! Now vinyl is what is keeping music alive! Angelo's CD’s & More opened when CDs were the hot new technology, when 80's- 90's pop-rock music took over the world. Rock bands like Rush, Foreigner, and Kansas were the pioneers that inspired Angelo to open up the first independent lifestyle shop that Angelo's Records still is to this day.

Today we specialize in all forms of media, vinyl records leading the way, followed right by CDs and MP3 Downloads. We bring you great deals on glass and vape, the latest gadgets in smoking accessories, alternative fashion wear, t-shirts, decor, incense and Japanese samurai swords!  It's really only something you can experience for yourself, so get your music-loving, Colorado-tokin' butt into one of our three locations today!

Vinyl Records, CDs, DVDs, Video Games, Jewelry, Tattoo Supplies, Smoking Accessories, Incense, Wall Art - All in one place, right here in Denver, CO.  We're native, and music to the core.  Angelo's is so much more than just a Record Store!

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